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Image Sign for EZ-DigiSign

Perhaps the easiest way to make custom signs... Creating sign images gives you precise control, and is easy for anyone will a little graphics skill. To make an image sign is easy, just...

  1. Createyour image
  2. Uploadyour image
  3. Addyour image to the playlist

Create an Image

We won't go into too much detail here, because there are lots of image editors and all of them work differently, however here's a few guidelines:

1. Make your image 1280 pixels (wide) by 720 pixels (tall)
(This resolution is for 720pHDTV's. However you should choose a resolution that matches your screen. HDTV's that are 1080p should be 1920 x 1080).

2. Save your Image as a JPEG (You may also use other web safe formats such as GIF and PNG).

 Recommended Size: 1280px x 720px

How to Upload the Image

Uploading an image is easy to do!  The following will show you step-by-step instructions for uploading an image.

1. Go to EZ-FileManager

2. Click Upload to bring up the File Upload screen

3. Click Browse

4. Choose a file from your computer and click Open.

5. Now click Upload to put your chosen files(s)

6. Now click Close.

7. Your file is uploaded! You can now see it in your list of files...

How to Add the Image to the Playlist

Adding an image to a playlist is actually very easy, and can be done in just a few seconds.  We have broke it down into small steps to make it easy to follow.

8.To get back to the main menu: click Construction Tools

9. From the main menu: Click EZ-SignManager

10. To make a new sign: Click Add (You can click the Add Button at the top or the Add Icons on the right)

11. This is an image based sign, so choose Image from the dropdown.

12. Click Next to go to the next screen

13. Click on EZ-Browse

14. Click the image you just uploaded, and then click Open

15. Add a Title, and click Save

16. You can now see your sign at the bottom of the playlist. Click the link (valentines.jpg) to see a preview.

17. Here is the preview of your sign!

With this method you can create all types of sign using any image editor (such as Paint, Photo Impact, Gimp, or Photoshop).
Simply make the image the same size as the Digital Screen's size.

A good general resolution is 1280 pixels (wide) x 720 pixels (tall).

Screen Resolution

If you're using an HDTV there are generally two sizes: 720p and 1080p.

720p is 1280 x 720 (pixels)

1080p is 1920 x 1080 (pixels)