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Making a Great Website

Websites Are Not Personal Items

An important thing to remember when making a commercial website is:  Your website isn't supposed to be for you. It's for your customers or readers.

It's tempting to look at a website as a personal item.  "I want my website to me midnight blue (because that' my favorite color).

Websites Are Like Storefronts

A website is more like a storefront.  In a store you need to ask what your customers want. So when considering your website, ask yourself "What will my customers come to my website for?

People wont go to your website just because it exists. They go to a website to fulfill a need or a want.  Your website needs to fulfill a purpose for your visitors.  That purpose may be to provide information about your business, or to sell products online, or teach or entertain.

Informative Business Website

Most likely, your website is for a business.  It be an informative website.  If you have a business: a store, or a landscaping company, or a taco stand, you website mainly needs to inform people.  They want to know your office hours, services provided, contact information, and possibly prices.

If your business is online, you probably want to sell something.  This would be an e-commence website.  

By Steven Monson