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How-To Videos

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1. The Basics

How To Login

A simple video tutorial, walking your through the basics of logging in, and editing your password information.

Create a New Page From a Template Page

Learn how to make a new page from an existing webpage.

Links in the Advanced Text Block

Using links in the Text-Advanced block is extremely useful and flexible. Learn how it's done in this video tutorial.

How To Save and Exit Correctly

Exiting correctly from Page Builder makes prevents error messages from coming up. Learn more about this simple technique with this brief video tutorial.

Create a Simple Form

This useful tutorial explains the process of making a simple contact form on your website.

Add a Youtube Video to Your Site

2. Email

How To Setup Your Email Account

How To Setup Your Email Account, Login to the and Retrieve the Necessary Information You Need to Setup Your Email in Outlook or Your Cell Phone.

Send a Newsletter Using the EZ-MailList