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Graphics & Photos

Preparing Photos for the Web

Great images are worth a thousand words.  Adding images or photos to your website can make it more visually appealing and interesting. Photos and images can tell your viewers what your website is about even before they read the page. You can use your own personal images and photos or there are several places online where you can purchase high quality stock photography.

EZ-Photo Album

The EZ-PhotoAlbum quick start guide will lead you through creating an on-line photo album with the minimum steps necessary. You will be surprised how quickly you can create a nice on-line album even though you only used the basic options. After creating your first album, you will want to put all of your photos on the web.

Bitmap vs. Vector -  What's the Difference?

In the computer world there are a lot of different ways to store an image. These different ways of storing are called file formats, or image file types. There are many different types of image files, such as: jpg, gif, png, svg.However, no matter what file type you use, every picture on a computer can be classified as either a Bitmap or Vector image. The difference is in how the computer reads and displays the images. It's important to know the difference between them because each format has it's own strengths and weaknesses.