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Add Social Media Icons to Your Website

Social Media Icons are a great way to allow visitors to share your website with their friends. So how do you get them onto your website?  Read More

Using EZ-PageManager For Improved SEO

Learn how to use EZ-PageManager to help make your web pages search engine friendly. EZ-PageManager will provide a quick overview of the metatags of your web pages. Metatags are one of several aspects of preparing your pages for the search engines. This tool also provides short cuts to making changes to the metatags and the site map page options.


EZSitemap is a tool included with all EZ-NetTools accounts that helps the major search engines index your web site more efficiently and accurately. It does this by creating a “site map.” The objective of this course is to teach you how to create a “site map” for the major search engines to use.

3 Keys to A Successful Website

Three Keys to Success in building an online business. The webinar presented by Bruce Eckman, president of EZ-NetTools, discusses the important steps you need to build a successful website and online business.

Search Engine Optimization Basics

Learn the basic principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The principles are key to getting your web site ranked on the search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a valuable necessity for website success. Your online business will greatly expand and profit by constantly updating and changing your site and seo. This webinar will teach you the guidelines for the search engines as recommended by Google and the steps to thoroughly optimizing your website as done in our seo services.

Presenter: Tyler Schwendiman

Managing Pages with EZ-PageManager

EZ-PageManager is a tool that brings in the features of many different tools into one central location. Using EZ-PageManager, you can easily view and update Page Titles, Descriptions, Mata Tags and other settings for every page on your website. This can save you many hours of work and frustration. Learn how to use this powerful tool plus a few SEO tips!

Presenter: Tyler Schwendiman

Email Marketing Basics Webinar

Promote your business and web site by using email lists. Learn the concepts and do's and do not's to this powerful marketing tool.

Webinar by Bruce Eckman.

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